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Limited liability company “Charm”, as one of the largest leather processing enterprises and leather footwear production in the Republic of Tajikistan, has been for more than 50 years providing the domestic market with domestic products. The company “Charm” having experienced several stages of modernization during its activity, currently operates on the basis of modern advanced technology and equipment manufactured in Turkey, Italy, Belarus and China. The company “Charm” is engaged in the production of men’s, women’s, children’s, military and special footwear, as well as selling finished leather. All products of the company meet the standard requirements, and the enterprise is ready to produce the desired types of footwear and leather on the basis of customers’ needs.


Manufacture of footwear is one of the main activities of our company, we pay special attention to the quality and technology of its processing and always try to ensure that …


Our company on the basis of our modern equipment has the opportunity to produce high-quality leather from any skin of animals used for processing. Our leathers are processed by high …

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The sole produced in our enterprise are made of high-quality products and by modern technology, meet all the seasons and world standards. Sole collection Soles

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